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Fri, 13 Jun 1997 18:19:33 -0500

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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 18:19:33 -0500
From: (Timothy Perper/Martha Cornog)
Subject: Re: re.Cultural Evolution (units of analysis)

Aaron Lynch responding to Bill Benzon wrote -- with a great deal snipped to
find something in specific:
>I hope you are not attempting to trivialize the subject by picking "God is
>Love," a meme I don't discuss in my book but which I only chose as a
>light-hearted example regarding the "sizes" of memes. You might find my
>analysis of sex taboos or the Nazi thought contagion a bit less trivial.

>This remark seems irrelevant to my work, and to Dawkinsian memetics, so I
>ask you to give an example, perhaps from one of the memes I discuss in
>chapter 1 at How, for instance, am I
>blinding anyone to unsound thinking about the evolution of masturbation

Just to make sure I'm reading the right section, what I have on
masturbation from "Thought Contagion" starts

"The masturbation taboo earlier illustrated quantity parental replication...

and ends

..... a prevalence drop that would previously have takne generations."

Is that the section and material you mean? What does "earlier
illustrated" mean in the fist quoted sentence? Can you give a page/section

These questions are 100% about whether or not I'm reading the right text,
or if you are referring to other material on masturbation.

If this is NOT the material you have in mind, can you post the references
to what you do mean?



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