RE: Analog Feedback and Ringing

Mike Jay (
Thu, 12 Jun 97 21:06:49 UT

Date: Thu, 12 Jun 97 21:06:49 UT
From: Mike Jay <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: RE: Analog Feedback and Ringing

I really don't have any business posting here due to my ignorance of the
subjects but I wanted to toss out an insight while reading Mario's dialogue
with Dave:

What if the encoding does take over and a way it could happen is through using
the human genome to process through the human being: take a scientist who
clones humans, what is his motivation? Hasn't he just provided the code for a
way to replicate itself without reproduction occurring in a traditional sense,
thereby bypassing part of the apparatus which holds back the codes ability to

Pretty weird...the clone clones, etc. the code prevails without us knowing
what is happening...the process is beyond the span of time that one of us
encapsulates while living yet the code works over centuries in the background
unbeknownst to us...

I'll leave now,


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