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Subject: RE: Richard Brodie: this beats all your tricks!
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 10:03:32 -0700

Mario wrote:

>What an ingenious way to spread a meme: hiding your creationist message
>between 19 correctly answered 'scientific' statements, offering it as a
>toy, presenting it to children, on a packet of food! Richard, this
>all the tricks you presented! Quakers are really smart for being

Great example of the Trojan horse method of spreading memes, Mario.
Thanks! This falls into a broad class of Trojan horses known as
"bundling," which I do discuss briefly in VIRUS OF THE MIND (Chapter 7,
"How We Get Programmed"). A pernicious cousin to this trick is the
rhetorical method of pace-pace-pace-lead, where the speaker makes
several points everyone agrees with before slipping in his own agenda.

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