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>TP wrote
>>I might add one more comment. In several of my postings, I have been
>>challenging memetics to define itself in relationship to a known and
>>ancient history of philosophy. I just did so again, this time by asking a
>>question in ethics.

Paul Marsden replies

[Memetics] is not dualist in Platonic or Cartesian or any other forms - it
>is monist. Nor is memetics idealist
>because it posits an empirical and material world of objects.

In light of Timothy Perper's challenge I find it curious that my posting on
mimetics/memetics of a few days ago has gone without comment.

Paul Marsden's assertion that memetics is not dualist is philosophically
highly questionable. Insofar as it is realist and empiricist it is, as I
suggested in my former posting, caught in a dialectical relation with
idealism, one that assumes that a "material world of objects" is observable
as such and not always already constructed by our intellectual and
appetitive predispositions. This can hardly be asserted without careful

"Cyberspace is an accident of the real." - Paul Virilio

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