Re: URGENT: the Exponential Meme

Hans-Cees Speel (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 17:42:59 MET

From: Hans-Cees Speel <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 17:42:59 MET
Subject: Re: URGENT: the Exponential Meme

> The number of memetics messages in my In Box is growing
exponentially., I suggest that

are you serious or joking?

> a. we consider a newsgroup with a moderator and a subscribe-only policy,

? we have a subscribe only policy, and what do we need a moderator

> so that we individually each do not receive an exponentially growing number
> of emails from the Memes. Instead, let us place all the memes into *one*
> heap, and retrieve them when and if they are interesting. I assume that
> somebody can arrange the software for doing such a thing.

You caqn always unsubscribe and just watch the www log of the list.
Then ones in a while you can post when you re-subscribe.

But is there such a problem with the numbers? I expect it will slow
down in a while.

> b. we distill some of these discussions for Hans-Cees, so he gets stuff
> for JOM.

what do you mean?

There is a newsgroup alt.memetics, you can use it along this list of

> This will allow different people to specialize to their heart's content
> without denying anyone the chance to join in (which, IMO, makes private
> exchange of emails between participants less than desirable). It will also
> let people who feel *excluded* from certain threads join others more to
> their liking.

let me know if you think there is problem. You can also use
alt.memetics of course.


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