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Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 07:28:09 -0400
From: Paul Marsden <>
Subject: RE:Memeism
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Nick Rose wrote

> 'Self' Centred Selectionists
>For these folk, memes are not some independant entity with power
>to manipulate humans like puppets; but objects which can be
>selected for/against or manipulated by people. =

Not necessariy if you understand the self as a centre of gravity which
exerts influence on other objects, and contend that consciousness is
"virtual machine" a la Dennett. There is certainly nobody behind my meme=
but the uniques interaction of genes and memes and their consequent effec=
on my virtual machine means that I can filter memes how I want to and by
the same token spread memes that I want to. =

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