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Hans-Cees Speel (HANSS@sepa.tudelft.nl)
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 13:54:43 MET

From: Hans-Cees Speel <HANSS@sepa.tudelft.nl>
To: memetics@mmu.ac.uk
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 13:54:43 MET
Subject: about this list and publishing

Dear members of our list:

As I stated before, I for one am very happy to see these intelligent
discussions. I would like to suggest two things to you all:
discussion lists are only easy to analyse from their logs of the
subjects are reflecting what the disucssion is about. I would like to
encourage you to change the subject if the discussion becomes to be
about another subject. For instance 'what is a meme/ previous the

etcetera. You will find in time that this makes it a lot easier to
retrieve relevant information from the logs.

There are a lot of nice discussions going on that I have not seen
published, or only somewhere on the web or scattered in all kinds of
I would like to suggest strongly to consider to publish in our
journal. A paper does not have to be very long, it only needs to be
of high quality. If you feel that a discussion can be turned into a
nice article, please do not wait until others publish it somewhere,
but try to submit it with us. I would like to see our journal to
become the best place for intelligent discussion on memetics, and
with the voices in these discussions we would come a long way.

Your paper also enables others to reply, thus giving these rather
unformal discussion a formal way of being as well.

A journal needs ideas and writers. So far there are plenty of ideas,
but few writers (also due becuase we exist only a very short time
of course).

I hope I can persuade at least a few of you to start discussing in a
more formal way in our journal. That will in my opinion put memetics
on the map in the scientific community stronger.

Hans-Cees (speaking as managing editor in this case:-))

Theories come and go, the frog stays [F. Jacob]
Hans-Cees Speel
Managing Editor "Journal of Memetics Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission"

submit papers to JOM-EMIT@sepa.tudelft.nl

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|Technical University Delft, Jaffalaan 5 2600 GA Delft PO Box 5015 The Netherlands
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