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Mon, 19 May 1997 04:11:25 +0800 (GMT-8)

Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 04:11:25 +0800 (GMT-8)
From: Dave Gross <>
Subject: Introduction
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> I see it works, let me introduce myself, maybe a good idea for all
> members who want to.

My name is Dave Gross. I run the "Memetics Papers on the Web" page at and the "'Blue Star' LSD Tattoo
Urban Legend" pages at

My current projects are split in two directions. On the one hand, I'm
engaged in these very philosophical and sci-fi musings about the origin of
consciousness as a working simulation of a memetic ecosystem. On the
other hand, I'm trying to move the field of memetics away from the
sci-fi/philosophical and toward the scientific.

In support of the first direction, I'm spending a lot of time smoking
marijuana in cafes and scribbling madly in notebooks.

In support of the second direction, I'm trying to dissect the "blue star"
legend (of which I have dozens of examples "caught in the wild") into its
components, and catalog the varieties. I'm hoping that I can use the
fossil record as I have assembled it to create a "family tree" showing how
different varieties of the "blue star" meme evolved by progressive
mutations from a common ancestor.

You can see some of my work in this area in this otherwise-hidden page:

I'm very excited about JOM-emit, and I'm especially glad it's a web-based,
rather than paper-based publication. It seems like the best community of
memetics researchers around is the one that's likely to show up in this
mailing list -- I'm eager for the discussions to begin!

-- Dave

P.S. Tip of the week: Iona & Peter Opie's book "The Lore and Language of
Schoolchildren" is a very in-depth study of the folklore and culture of
schoolkids in the british isles. "Memetics" is nowhere mentioned in the
book, but that's really what it's all about.

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