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Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 06:40:46 GMT

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    >I agree with your assessment, but iím glad i didnít say it first. : )
    >I also note that there are concerns within some sections of your press with
    >regard to the erosion of civil liberties. The arseholes over here are just
    >starting to lean down on us. Unfortunately we donít have a bill of rights,
    >though we are getting there.
    If this clash of cultures heats up much more you can kiss civil liberties
    goodbye everywhere. We're reaching a point where we either watch everybody
    or we let the wild and crazy people destroy us, one tower at a time. To my
    mind this is just part of the legacy of genetic evolution. When the habitat
    gets too crowded (and that's a decision made by nature, not man) the animals
    start doing crazy and self-destructive things. They turn against each other
    and the four horsemen start stalking the land. You'd better get ready for
    interesting times.

    It will be an interesting spectacle to see if memes can overcome genes in
    the battle to see which is going to rule the earth. The genes have emotions
    on their side and the memes have logic. Want to take any bets on which is
    going to win? I feel like walking around with a plackard saying: THE END OF
    SOMETHING IS NEAR! The trouble is, besides civil liberties, I'm not sure
    what is ending yet.

    If I sound like a nut case, just ignore me. I've been dwelling on the
    meme/gene wars for a long time now and I know how crazy it sounds to most
    other people. Since there's nothing I can do about it, I just sit back and
    watch the march of history prove me right or wrong. But I DO find it
    interesting. (Heh, heh, heh.)



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