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    Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 20:56:35 EST
    From: <AaronLynch@aol.com>
    Subject: Re: An odd addition to the axis of evil

    I doubt that the poll results regarding France in a neo-conservative
    US magazine have much at all to do with actual military history,
    alliances between countries, or who sold weapons to whom. All
    of that would be forgotten by most of the US public and most of
    the readers of The Weekly Standard. Rather, what Vincent says
    about their unusual grasp of foreign affairs is the stronger
    explanation. Only the "unusual grasp" is really not so unusual
    in the USA any more. (Religious neo-conservatives were Bush's
    main political base.)

    In addition to Religious Right views on other countries' sexual
    morality, big government, and godlessness, there is also the abortion
    issue that comes into play in the French case. The drug RU-486 is
    known as "the French abortion pill." The Religious Right here regards
    it as a chemical weapon being used to commit genocide against
    "unborn children." They adhere to a view that life (as a person)
    begins at conception, and that aborting even an embryo is murder.
    Because France has liberal abortion laws, and is regarded as the
    inventor of RU-486, it probably gets a special "evil" status in the
    minds of the US Religious Right.

    I actually think that if The Weekly Standard had conducted a poll on
    "evil" countries before Bush's state of the union speech, France
    would probably have gotten more votes than the other so-called
    "axis of evil" countries named by Bush. Higher, that is, than Iraq,
    North Korea, and Iran.

    - --Aaron Lynch

    Hi Aaron,
    As you may be aware we have our own brand of god botherers in the UK that
    believe in the idea of conception as the start of life and are just in the
    process of a court case to outlaw the *morning after pill* (is this the sanm
    thing as RU-486?). This will mean the Gvmnt pushing thro’ emergency
    legislation to retain it. Not too sure if high church Blair will be that
    keen. Is that why we got off lightly in the opinion poll for the axis of
    evil (ain’t that WWII?), or do’s the average american think that Blair
    really is the US foriegn ambassedor! ? :-)



    BTW. over here, a lot of the general public cannot name our gvnmt either.
    Mind you, i read the papers every day and can't!

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