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Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 21:28:53 GMT

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    >Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 18:53:27 -0800
    From: "Dace" <>
    Subject: Re: Words and Memes


    > >Which is why it doesn't make much sense to regard memes as tools.
    > >Ideas are tools.  Ways of doing things can be thought of as tools.
    > >Memes spring up when the tools start running on auto-pilot.
    >I find it hard to separate ideas from memes.

    Then what's the point of invoking memes?  Why not just refer to them as

    >And how can the person who picks up a new meme have it running on
    >autopilot as soon as he picks it up?  Or wasn't it a meme he picked

    When you assume the validity of ideas without genuinely examing them,
    it's not so much that you've picked up the ideas but that they've picked

    > >That which is everywhere is nowhere.  The term means nothing when it
    > >refers to everything.
    >Since they are part of every cell in every living thing and ubiquitous
    >throughout the surface of the earth, genes are everywhere and yet we
    >find the concept to be most useful and applicable.  Why are memes any

    Genes have a well-defined boundary.  They can't be equated with any old
    thing.  They're not "everywhere" in the figurative sense.

    With respect to the ideas / memes thing. I wouyld suggest that all ideas are
    memes (or have some memetic quality) but that not all memes are ideas.



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