RE: An odd addition to the axis of evil

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Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 11:41:42 GMT

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     <In addition to Religious Right views on other countries' sexual
    morality, big government, and godlessness, there is also the abortion
    issue that comes into play in the French case. The drug RU-486 is
    known as "the French abortion pill." The Religious Right here regards
    it as a chemical weapon being used to commit genocide against
    "unborn children." They adhere to a view that life (as a person)
    begins at conception, and that aborting even an embryo is murder.
    Because France has liberal abortion laws, and is regarded as the
    inventor of RU-486, it probably gets a special "evil" status in the
    minds of the US Religious Right.>

    Very interesting Aaron, I wasn't aware of this, and I suspect it is a major
    element. I guess I thought economics because much of the French antipathy
    towards the US is economics-based, stemming from post-war annoyances about
    US economic imperialism (coca-colaization, or some such phrase, IIRC
    originated on France).

    I'd be interested to hear anyone's explanation for why so many of the people
    campaigning bitterly about the ilegality and inappropriateness of the Hague
    trial of Slobodan Milosevic appear to be Americans. Personally, I feel this
    kind of international court is the way to go for judging the likes of
    Milosevic, bin Laden (if he's ever caught) etc., but there do some to be
    some serious inconsistencies in the way the tribunal has been set up. Even
    so, I can't work out why Americans would be campaigning on behalf of
    Milosevic whose time in power was one of the great tragedies of 20th century
    Europe, but they've been all over the British media complaining about the
    [Incidentally does anyone think that Ken Lay should be given the Camp X-Ray
    treatment to get him to open up? A larger number of people in the British
    elite are knee-deep in the Enron affair including the head of the Press
    Complaints Commission- the main regulatroy body of the print media-, the
    chairman of the BBC, not to mention a number of MPs as well]


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