Re: An odd addition to the axis of evil

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Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 01:21:39 GMT

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    >What connection, if any, exists between North Korea and Iraq? I'd have a
    >harder time believing a partnership between Iran and Iraq, because of
    >historic animosities (eq- that Iran/Iraq war during the 80's). Iran *may*
    >problematic on its own, though there's probably multiple parties operating
    >from within, some more US- friendly than others.
    >Adding France to the axis is going overboard. It is odd, though, how
    >French-built jets have wound up gunning at US ships though. Weren't Mirage
    >fighters involved in the USS Liberty attack by Israel and the USS Stark
    >attack by Iraq?
    >Vive la resistance.
    I believe the connection between Iraq and North Korea is the sale of
    missiles or parts for them. Iran was brought back into the mix when the
    Israelis found that ship full of weapons going to Gaza. The NSA traced it
    from Iran with sattelite photos. It seems a pretty tenuous axis to me. I
    don't know where George W. thinks he's going with this crusade, but one way
    or another he's going to end up with egg all over his face.

    Maybe George thinks he can use this WTC incident to rid the world of all his
    real or imagined enemies. I hate to contemplate where that kind of thinking
    will lead. It's a good way to divide the world into warring camps and bring
    on a major war. It reminds me of my days in the Air Force when we were
    "fighting for peace." At night we would go into town and fuck for
    virginity. I remember losing that war and I can't recall producing a single


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