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Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 17:15:47 GMT

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    >Now, Vincent, surely the events of last night at the Olympics is evidence
    >enough of where the French store their allegiances....
    >"But the Russians got five first- place votes to four for the Canadians:
    >Russia, China, Poland, Ukraine and France selected the Russian couple,
    >while the United States,
    >Canada, Japan and Germany placed the Canadians in first. The Russians
    >received presentation marks of 5.9 from seven of the nine judges and 5.8
    >from the other two,
    >while Salé and Pelletier got just four 5.9's and five 5.8's."
    >- Wade
    No government gave any points to anyone. Individuals with reputations for
    fairness did. You might doubt their reputation, but I doubt the Olympic
    Committee could come up with anyone more knowledgeable and fair in the
    context of the event they were judging. Please, God, deliver me from
    conspiracy theories.


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