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    >Hi Ray Recchia -
    > >that conveniently allow him to justify the actions of an unjust
    > >government.
    >We all swim in this same river. Or we'd all be moving, all the time.
    >No-one has a just government.
    >We all justify quite a lot, daily living.
    >- Wade
    Governments don't do what they (the people who run them) think is just or
    unjust. They do what is expedient based on the problems confronting them at
    the time. The most common problem for a politician is getting elected
    again. It's the historians who decide after the fact that what they did was
    just or unjust. Jesus isn't around to run anyone's government and the
    church he left behind is just as messed up as any other government. They're
    still carrying on the policies of Constantine some 1500 years later.


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