Re: An odd addition to the axis of evil

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Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 16:57:05 GMT

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    Either that or the meaning of
    >'axis of evil'- which went down incredibly badly in Europe, particularly
    >within the corridors of the EU- means something very different to right
    >Hence, and here's the memetics link, how could anyone argue that it's the
    >idea of an 'axis of evil' that's the meme, as I presume some would?
    George W. was a "C" student in college and is great at using slogans and
    nicknames instead of real ideas. He should have been a country and western
    singer but I doubt he can carry a tune. His policy is going to be a
    disaster in the end and there's nothing much anybody can do about it. He's
    trying to be another Ronny Reagan but can't hack it. All he's got going for
    him so far is the momentum created for him by Osama bin Laden's raid on the
    WTC. It's a blatant imitation of "the evil empire" slogan.

    But the real problem is that he's using bad methods in an attempt to achieve
    what he thinks are good ends. His father learned the hard way that wartime
    euphoria won't necessarily get him elected when the war is over. There's
    little Americans can do about what this administration has done at this
    point. We feel like we're winning when we're losing again. It does little
    good to push against a rising tide of emotions.


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