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    > > >This is getting very complicated. Far simpler if memories aren't
    > > >anywhere but emerge from the act of recollection. Instead of
    > > >an artificial memory system to the brain, we should be searching for
    > > >basis of natural memory, that is, the recall of what was once present.
    > >
    > > Recall it from where?
    >You mean, from when.
    >Memory concerns time, not space. Otherwise it's not really memory but
    >merely the storage and retrieval of information. In our memetically
    >ingrained, mechanistic worldview, true memory is a thing of the past.
    >Artificial memory is just that-- artifice.
    From my own experience and what I've read on the subject I know that
    memories are reconstructed as much as recalled. But the elements from which
    they are reconstructed come from within me. I don't have to use some
    external reference to construct them. I've memorized thousands of lines of
    poetry, but when I was trying to recall the Rubayatt the other day, I had to
    go over certain lines half a dozen times to get them right in my head. Even
    then, I made mistakes. Fitzgerald wrote too many versions and I keep
    getting them mixed up. The fact that I memorized it in high school over 50
    years ago leaves it scattered among all the stuff I've picked up since. But
    still, if I work hard enough to pull it out, it all seems to be there.


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