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Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 13:04:39 GMT

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    Hi Vincent Campbell -

    >Hence, and here's the memetics link, how could anyone argue that it's the
    >idea of an 'axis of evil' that's the meme, as I presume some would?

    Now, Vincent, surely the events of last night at the Olympics is evidence
    enough of where the French store their allegiances....

    "But the Russians got five first- place votes to four for the Canadians:
    Russia, China, Poland, Ukraine and France selected the Russian couple,
    while the United States,
    Canada, Japan and Germany placed the Canadians in first. The Russians
    received presentation marks of 5.9 from seven of the nine judges and 5.8
    from the other two,
    while Salé and Pelletier got just four 5.9's and five 5.8's."


    - Wade

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