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Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 02:53:27 GMT

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    > >Which is why it doesn't make much sense to regard memes as tools.
    > >Ideas are tools. Ways of doing things can be thought of as tools.
    > >Memes spring up when the tools start running on auto-pilot.
    > I find it hard to separate ideas from memes.

    Then what's the point of invoking memes? Why not just refer to them as

    > And how can the person who picks up a new meme have it running on
    > autopilot as soon as he picks it up? Or wasn't it a meme he picked up?

    When you assume the validity of ideas without genuinely examing them, then
    it's not so much that you've picked up the ideas but that they've picked up

    > >That which is everywhere is nowhere. The term means nothing when it
    > >refers to everything.
    > Since they are part of every cell in every living thing and ubiquitous
    > throughout the surface of the earth, genes are everywhere and yet we
    > find the concept to be most useful and applicable. Why are memes any
    > different?

    Genes have a well-defined boundary. They can't be equated with any old
    thing. They're not "everywhere" in the figurative sense.


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