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    Grant wrote;

    name of the game today is oursourcing.  Let specialists do all the dirty
    work because they have found ways to do it cheaper, faster and better
    than a
    large corporation.  This is what is changing the way work is done these
    - -- not marching in the streets shouting slogans.


    and Vincent

    >Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 11:55:36 -0000
    From: Vincent Campbell <v.p.campbell@stir.ac.uk>
    Subject: RE: ply to Grant

            <If the employees could get together and vote their stock
    collectively, they could change just about any policy a company has.>

            'If' is the key word indeed.


            Ah, one of the many corporate euphemisms for jobcuts.  It's a bit
    like collatoral damage in military jargon.


    Outsourcing is another word for paying people starvation wages. they can do
    it cos there is some poor sod ready to take thier place if they don’t like
    it, and no social security. Things may be ok in the West ( though we are not
    without our problems), but they sure ain’t in other places.

    And no i'm not left wing, i just don't blind myself to the fact that
    capitalism has its problems, as well as its benefits. If the win win
    scenario was applied it might help. Unfortunatyly, trade is rarely between
    equals, so the win win scenario is not used.



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