Re: Memes Meta-Memes and Politics 3 of 3 (1988, updates 2002)

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Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 20:44:55 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Memes Meta-Memes and Politics 3 of 3 (1988, updates 2002)
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    >Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 13:53:40 -0900
    From: "Philip Jonkers" <>
    Subject: Re: Memes Meta-Memes and Politics 3 of 3 (1988, updates 2002)

    >†††† The inference engine was a milestone in our evolution.† It works
    >more often than it fails.† But as you can see from the example, the
    >inference engines will wring blood from a stone; you can count on its
    >finding causal relations whether they exist or not.† Worse yet, the
    >inference engine probably can't detect when it doesn't have enough
    >Even if it could, it has no way to tell that to the verbal (conscious)

    The human mind preferes to rationalize rather than to function rational.
    It infers like there's no tomorrow. Constantly it is willing to make
    connections between all kinds of things. Often such correlations are
    superficial/incomplete or downright false. Take superstititions for
    Any breed of pseudoscience, like astrology or tarot reading, is
    based entirely on the deceptive byproduct of the human `inference


    The inference engine is also responsible for the way people act on a first
    meeting. The tendency is for a judgement to be made by a person about the
    other. This view may still hold, even in the face of contradictory evidence
    in future encounters.

    This is another aspect of memetic filters. We take on board preformed memes
    and act in accordance with them even if they are not always the correct

    For example a collegue of mine has a last of Murray. He has a broad N.
    Ireland accent and people on future occaisions recall Murpy. (Not the best
    example but i did not want to put up anything to inflammetory, but iím sure
    most of you will know what i mean).

    The inference engine or meme-plex works because it reduces all the stimuli
    of an encounter to something manageable and predictable. Most of the time it
    works (ish). When it doesnít is when problems occur.



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