Re; Memes and Emergent Properties

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Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 15:12:27 GMT

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    Joh Croft asks:
    <I have been reading up on emergent properties, and wonder whether the conception of Emergence applies to memes. >
    John you will find the subject addressed in my 1995 <> management learning paper and by Ray Shaw and I in
    Shifting the Patterns. Various other references may be found in <> Lord and
    Price (2001), including Gell Mann (1996). I trust if you have been reading around emergence Murray Gell-Manns contribution will not need me
    to introduce it.
    Those following the potential use of memetics in current military and political spheres might appreciate the reference and target audience.
    The URL is still current.
    Gell_Mann96Gell-Mann, M. (1996) Address to the US National Defence University " In the case of societal evolution, the schemata consist of
    laws, customs, myths, traditions, and so forth. The pieces of such a schema are often called "memes,"

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