Re: Memes Meta-Memes and Politics 1 of 3 (1988, updates 2002)

Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 09:19:32 GMT

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    In a message dated 2/12/2002 12:40:51 AM Central Standard Time, Scott Chase
    <> writes:

    > >Thanks, Scott.
    > >
    > >This sounds interesting. Could you quote for us some of Huxley's material
    > >that would count as evolutionary cultural replicator theory, or that is
    > >most suggestive of such theory?
    > >
    > Check out my recent posts re: noogenetics vs. memetics. There are some
    > quotes in those posts.
    > In short, he talks about cultural evolution and the self-reproduction of
    > mental products. You saw those posts didn't you? His book with alternative
    > titles _Knowledge, Morality, & Destiny_ and _New Bottles for New Wine_ can
    > probably be found in a university or possibly a public library.

    Thanks again, Scott.

    I just now read your posts from yesterday. Judging from the quotes you
    provide, it does indeed look like another independent and prior invention of
    evolutionary cultural replicator theory, or at least a strong suggestion that
    the scientific community start developing such a theory. I will have to read
    the books to see how elaborated Huxley's work is.

    --Aaron Lynch

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