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    > "Steve Drew" <> RE:Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 19:24:29 +0000
    >Hi, Vincent
    >>Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 13:07:33 -0000
    >From: Vincent Campbell <>
    >Subject: RE:
    > <This is assuming that all sociobiologists accept the same things
    >and come to the same conclusion, but fair enough that was a bad example.
    >I'll try
    >>another - didn't Hitler claim to be an atheist? I wasn't aware that
    >>confered on its followers logic, rationallity and the pursuit of
    > >If only it did.† I think that if Hitler did make such a claim, I
    >don't know, it does suggest the broader point that issues of morality
    >amongst atheists is not necessarily one of... common ground.<
    >My point exactly. Atheism is as broad as any church in the range of opinions
    >that the term contains. Look back at the posting on determinism vs free will
    >that went on a few days ago gives you a flavour. Iím pretty sure Hitler did
    >say he was an atheist, but i canít remember where i read it. Hitlers
    >*religion* (if you like), and what made his actions and beliefs possible
    >were founded on the thoughts of Herbert Spencer, and others of his ilk,
    >who used a corrupted version of Darwinism that led to both left and right
    >wing groups advocating practical eugenics. The basis for this is if that
    >there is no god, the only way to improve things if prayer wonít do it, is if
    >we do it ourselves. the only way to improve things would be to cleanse the
    >breeding stock....
    > <Fence sitting it is not. In the absence of definitive proof either
    >way, to
    >>make a decision on this would be based on what? - a feeling, balance
    >>probabilities etc. It is not that i refuse to take a position on the
    >>matter, but that the matter is irrelevant. A decision is not required
    >>something that is irrelevant.>
    > >I see what you mean, but unfortunately it is all too often relevant
    >that religious viewpoints get preferenced and prioritized by states
    >the rights of the non-religious, from restrictions on the teaching of
    >evolutionary theory in parts of the US, to the UK government's new
    >(just approved by parliament despite the largest rebel vote of Labour's
    >in office) of faith based schools.<
    >I agree. Unfortunately, belief in religion supplies a need to people who
    >cannot accept the idea of *not being* (which admittedly is probably
    >impossible to do) and respond by clutching at whatever comforter they can
    >find, rather than plain old acceptence and resignation.
    >>(I'm in the process of joining the
    >National Secular Society in the UK, the founder of which achieved the
    >of non-christians to affirm rather than swear by the bible in court
    >cases, a
    >small but often overlooked victory for secularism).<
    >an avalanche has got to start somewhere : )
    > >Vincent<
    >Iíve been uming and ahing about a subscription to the Freethinker, the
    >secular humanist monthly, though it can be quite fervantly anti - religious
    >on occasion.
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    This was distributed via the memetics list associated with the
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