Re: Why memeoids?

From: John Wilkins (
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 05:22:03 GMT

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    On Tuesday, February 12, 2002, at 03:51 PM, Keith Henson wrote:

    > At 10:01 PM 11/02/02 -0500, you wrote:
    >> Hi Keith Henson -
    >> >Infective speech fillers people pick up of the "you know" and "fact
    >> of the
    >> >matter" are these kind of minimal memes. I am not aware of a term
    >> for for
    >> >such minimal memes. Suggest one if you wish.
    >> Mememurs.
    > Why? (what derivation does -murs have?)
    I think he means -mers, as in polymers and monomers. But then it should
    be polymemes and monomemes, and this requires some notion of a "simple"
    meme just as monomer requires some notion of a simple molecule (which is
    not, so far as I can tell, forthcoming :-)

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