Re: Memes Meta-Memes and Politics 1 of 3 (1988, updates 2002)

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Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 05:23:11 GMT

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    At 10:33 PM 11/02/02 -0500, you wrote:
    >Hi Keith Henson -
    > >"The unique design of fluid systems provides high economy of the synthesis
    > >due to low consumption of reagents and high coupling efficiency.
    >This is not some magical recreation, a la transporter, of organic
    >material from information, but a programmed preparing of supplied organic
    >components from other sources.

    I.e., a gene writer. They tend to make fairly short strands, sort them,
    and then splice them for longer runs. But it would be a matter of a few
    weeks at the most to run off a mapped virus.

    >Jigsaw puzzling a small string of DNA together. We are talking four

    DNA is not proteins. Nucleic acids, ATGC,

    A with T: the purine adenine (A) always pairs with the pyrimidine thymine (T)
    C with G: the pyrimidine cytosine (C) always pairs with the purine guanine (G)

    My youngest daughter had this in high school biology a few years
    ago. Makes me really wonder how you could have missed it?


    >Yeah, I think I will look one up. I used to work next to the cyclotron,
    >which is now, alas, moved from its Oxford Street location, and, next to
    >the robotics lab, so, I'm rather used to turning corners and not quite
    >knowing what I will see.

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