Re: Why memeoids?

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Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 03:09:38 GMT

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    Hi Keith Henson -

    >Sorry Wade, you came too late to the party. There are 5 pages of web links
    >on google for memeoid and it looks like every one of them is in the mode of
    >the meaning I suggested for the word 17 years ago.

    Story of my life. (What party...?)

    I've always preferred 'memebot' for the person in thrall to a belief, if
    one must invoke memes suchly, as I wont not to. (Dawkin's 'pigeonbrained'
    is perhaps more fitting.) Although, coming from a skeptic's perspective,
    "TB", for True Believer, is more often seen.

    Being true to the suffix "-oid", it might perhaps be said that memeoid,
    if denoting a person, is poor usage.

    -oid suff.
    1. Resembling; having the appearance of; related to.
    2. One that resembles something specified or has a specified quality.

    No reason not to be a party-pooper.

    - Wade

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