Re: Why memeoids?

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Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 02:04:31 GMT

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    Hi John Wilkins -

    >We *Australians* eat Vegemite, which is what Marmite is a weak attempt
    >to copy.

    Ah, so there really is no such thing as Memeite, spreadable or not.

    (Besides, until you aussies cut the apron strings, you're still brits....)

    >Nope, I'm going to make a slightly more serious suggestion here:

    OK, start being serious for a change....

    >Meteor Meme <the entity that is the cause of the following>
    >Meteorite Memeite <the end result of the cause>
    >Meteroid Memoid <the observable phenomenon>
    >Atmosphere Noosphere <the medium in which the entity and its effects
    >are observed>

    Alas, the behavior-only stance cannot let this stand, and has to correct
    it by transposing, 'cause that's the way it is- (Plus, it makes more
    sense, and is more consistent with the original meteoric reference.)

    Meteroid/Memoid <the entity and/or entities that are the cause of the
    Meteor/Meme <the observable phenomenon>
    Meteorite/Memeite <the possible resulting artefact (not inevitable)>
    Atmosphere/Noosphere <the medium in which the entity and its effects
    are observed>

    >We used to refer to it as the nowayjosé.

    Yeah, that's what she called it....

    - Wade

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