Re: Why memeoids?

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Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 01:11:07 GMT

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    Hi John Wilkins -

    >Memeite is something you spread on toast in the UK. Or is it a meme that
    >never hits anything but just burns up in the noosphere?

    What _don't_ you brits spread on toast, anyways...?

    _Meteoroid_ is what is out in space. (As 'memeoid' would be in the brain-
    not because there is so much space between our ears, but because of the
    unreachable quality of it....) A _meteor_ is what we see hurtling through
    the sky. (Thus 'meme', that behavior-only entity, needs must be seen,
    apprehended, and attended, to be replicated.) And finally, the
    _meteorite_ is what might reach the earth, and be picked up and handled,
    and which, upon examination, yield some data. (Thus 'memeite'- an
    artefact produced by memetic activity.)

    As for burning up in the noosphere, I think that's what happened to this
    girl I used to date in college....

    - Wade

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