Re: Memes Meta-Memes and Politics 1 of 3 (1988, updates 2002)

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    > [Not to detract from Dawkins, but as I have dug deeper into the subject,
    > Dawkins himself recognized William Hamilton as more of an original
    > thinker. For certain though, Dawkins made the work of Hamilton, William,
    > Trivers and a host of other players available to ordinary people with his
    > popular works.]

    Hi Keith.

    Credit for evolutionary replicator theory should also go to F.T. Cloak, whose
    1973 paper developed evolutionary replicator theory for both biological
    molecules and culture. The paper not only develops evolutionary cultural
    replicator theory, but also evolutionary biological replicator theory.

    I take it that giving Dawkins credit for popularizing is not meant to detract
    from Cloak, Hamilton, Trivers, etc. either.

    --Aaron Lynch

    Cloak, F. T. 1973. "Elementary Self-Replicating Instructions and Their Works:
    Toward a Radical Reconstruction of General Anthropology through a General
    Theory of Natural Selection." Paper Presented to the Ninth International
    Congress of Anthropological and Ethnographical Sciences, Chicago. Scanned
    version online at

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