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Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 16:01:33 GMT

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    >A simple course of action which would go some way towards solving the
    >problem would be place an arms embargo on Turkey, and to allow free flow of
    >refugees from Turkey to enter our countries. It is telling that we allow
    >goods from all over the world to pass through our borders freely, yet we
    >won't extend this privelige (right?) to human beings. Just to get back
    >onto memetics, a theme I've been developing recently is how private
    >property defends itself and extends its influence. Certain ideas (or
    >memes) reinforce property rights, while private property (wealth)
    >determines to a large extent which memes people are exposed to. I'd be
    >interested in any comments on this idea (this is putting it very simply, so
    >i may start another thread on this idea, although I think Marx got there
    > >
    > >And in regard to Nato, I agree totally. Nato just defends what is their
    > >' right ' ( so it thinks) and interests, whatever they may be.
    > >And when it should have moved where it was really necessary, they
    > >went in, unarmed ! Jeeezes !
    Nobody wants anyone else's refugees these days. In an overcrowded world,
    refugees can create a tipping point that sends another country into economic
    chaos. Even Australia, which is the least crowded country around, is
    refusing the few refugees who manage to make it over land and water to wash
    up on their shore. Nato never got involved with Bosnia and Kosovo until
    their refugees started turning up in droves in Europe. Italy felt
    especially overwhelmed by them. China didn't want Vietnam's refugees
    despite their common philosphy of Marxism.

    We tend to defend our territory against any invader, not just those who come
    armed. Here in San Diego, people are still complaining about the number of
    refugees we accepted from Vietnam. We now have more Vietnamese here than
    blacks. What really bothers the blacks is that the Vietnamese, who came
    over pennyless and unable to speak English, are economically more successful
    than they are. Before the Vietnamese came, they blamed their lack of
    success on being gettoized and relegated to bad schools. Now they have to
    cope with the problem that the Vietnamese settled in the same neighborhoods,
    attended the same schools, and went on to be come doctors, lawyers and
    successful businessmen. Now they are settling in the neighborhoods of the
    rich and famous. There are drives afoot in this country to cut back on the
    number of refugees allowed into the country that are supported by the recent
    immigrants who got their spot in America and now want to stop the flood of
    new refugees.

    The New World Order is designed to keep the people of every country in their
    place and make them solve their own problems rather than letting them run to
    other countries and take those problems with them. You won't see that
    written anywhere, but if you examine how NATO and other countries react to
    problems that spill over onto their turf, you will notice the trend. The
    lines on the map are drawn and etched in stone. The world governments don't
    like the idea of anyone trying to change them.


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