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Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 10:18:27 GMT

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      From: Dace
    > Perhaps we should not intervene on the basis of protecting the cult members
    > but on the basis of protecting the rest of us from cults such as bin Laden's
    > and Aum. I think a lot of people from New York and Tokyo would agree.
      It's a free society. We can only interfere with individuals and organizations when they've broken the law. We can't demonize them first and then oppose them on moral grounds. Let's not mimic the Christian Right.
      Still trying to keep up with the pace....

      I know one thing pretty sure, in Belgium here, there is a list ( ordered by
      the Ministery of Justice) where upon all the dangerous sekts are mentioned,
      Scientology is one of them.
      ( And IIRC Scientology went to the law against the Belgium authorities, but
      and again IIRC the Belgium constitution does have a law allowing it to keep
      track of dangerous sekts ), and that against the laws which protect our civil
      rights and private life.))
      The Belgium government interferes with the life of individuals and with the
      internal rules of organizations.
      Breaking the law or not, they are watching you....




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