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    From: Steve Drew <>
    I also read in a magazine many years ago that homosexuality was tolerated in
    a number of African societies, as it reduced the tensions in young males due
    to the lack of female partners in polygamous societies. (see earlier lists
    re: young adolescent males). Any heard anyhting similar? or was this
    something that didn't stand up to scrutiny?

    Hi Steve,

    Maybe a little bit late, but anyway, here 's mine !

    For a long time now, in my country ( Belgium) every weekend 10 or
    more young people die in traffic accidents. The reasons why and how
    are not important for the examples you seek.

    The Belgium government is actually doing nothing to stop this massacre,
    according to some that then the government can induce more taxes.
    The government increases the price of petrol, and in such a way they
    think we will drive less ( what is stupid to think anyway), but we don 't.
    Also they place everywhere ' sleeping policeman ', but we drive even
    fast as before. Put to pay for those they raise taxes.
    The govenment tolerates high speeds and unresponsible driving, 10
    deads or more every weekend, to get on our money.
     Neat hé !?

    And we pay !!


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