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Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 20:06:21 GMT

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    From: Ronan Dodds <>
    > >Hi Scott, Keith,
    > >Yes, that sounds strange to me too, though !
    > >Especially now that Turkey is trying to solve many interior problems in
    > >order to get a membership of the Euopean Economical Union.
    > >Their warts about religion, torture, imprisonment, Kurds, etc must be
    > >dealed with.
    > >One step in that direction is that Turkey allowed NATO warplanes use
    > >their fields to fight Irak. In the war on terrorism too, I think.

    > Hold on a minute - allowing NATO to use their country is a HUGE wart! The
    West has a history of covering up and colluding in Turkey's human rights
    abuses. NATO have a history of totally disregarding human right altogether!

    Hello Ronan, let me be the first to say you are quite welcome!

    Oh wee! I see you point, though !
    From the Western ( Nato) perspective a logic assumption to make I
    suppose. Turkey, by allowing the planes to use their ground showed it-
    self ' worthty ' to join, lets say a few international institutions.

    From the outside looking in, yes, allowing the planes in is a huge wart,
    and some more islamitic countries condenmded the whole thing.
    But you have to remerber that Turkey lies upon a political/ religious/
    ideological/ cultural/... fracture.
    Squeezed between Europe and Asia, IMO the government has chosen
    for the less painful solution.
    Turkey needs in a way the European Economical Unity to stay out of
    the control hemisphere of the East.
    The West did indeed cover up the human rights abuses in order to get
    the support they wanted. But now that out of the way, voices are heard
    throughout the community that if Turkey wants to join in on the benefits
    of one European Market the problem of the abuse must be settled.

    It is however to my understanding, that such solutions are hard to come
    by, because the ' why's ' of the Turkey 's behaviors are related to their
    being, history and culture. In a way, to resolve some, they must change
    their constitution all together. And to that fact, some fractions
    religious leaders,...) are not eager to lay down their weapons.

    And in regard to Nato, I agree totally. Nato just defends what is their
    ' right ' ( so it thinks) and interests, whatever they may be.
    And when it should have moved where it was really necessary, they
    went in, unarmed ! Jeeezes !

    Enjoy the list,



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