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Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 15:46:03 GMT

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    From: Joe Dees <>
    > The movement is not democratic, but theocratic, pushed mainly by the
    Wahhabi sect, which is more or less surreptitiously angling to rid
    themselves of their House of Saud patrons and control the petrolode
    directly. The problem that the West has with abandoming the authoritarian
    regimes in such places as Algeria, Egypt and saudi Arabia, among others, is
    that what would apparently replace it would resemble Afghanistan more than
    it would Turkey.

    Hi Joe,

    Still trying to get passed here,

    I agree, but the difference between Turkey and the other countries you
    mention is the figure of Atatürk ( Mustafa Kemal Pasja), I suppose.
    His strong believe in the new constitution of 1924 made it the country
    possible to reform based upon Western ideas.
    The seperation of any religion and politics is one such rule which made
    Turkey more resilient. Since then its history proves Mustafa was right.

    Egypt and others are still under Western ruling and influence in a way,
    there were no figures like Mustafa who argued to fight any occupation,
    what the people did and see where they are now in contrast to the others.



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