Re: Why memeoids?

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 10:50:44 GMT

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    From: Scott Chase <>


    > >
    > >>Especially if appeasement of the "other" involves getting rid of the
    > >>things they despise about us, such as our secularist notions of
    > >>and law. They would probably dislike us less if we were a theocracy (ie-
    > >>people of the book...the law stemming from that book) and an Islamic
    > >>theocracy at that. Rabid anti-Semitism might get us more brownie points.
    > >>
    > >>OTOH might Turkey be a possible model state for secular government
    > >>juxtaposed with Islamic beliefs of the general populace?
    > >
    > >I have speculated for years about how likely Turkey is to get into the
    > >of mess Iran went into.
    > >
    > >
    > Does Turkey have that much potential for instability? Is there a cauldron
    > fundamendalism bubbling within poised to overthrow the gov't there?
    > I was hoping Turkey might represent the prototype for the modern state (as
    > separated from the mosque), which just happens to have a predominately
    > Muslim population. There's even a smidgen of what we call democracy there
    > too, isn't there? That's not quite what Iran had under the shah, previous
    > their revolution.
    > >From what I gather Turkey's not without its warts, especially considering
    > controversies over the Kurds.

    Hi Scott, Keith,

    Yes, that sounds strange to me too, though !
    Especially now that Turkey is trying to solve many interior problems in
    order to get a membership of the Euopean Economical Union.
    Their warts about religion, torture, imprisonment, Kurds, etc must be
    dealed with.
    One step in that direction is that Turkey allowed NATO warplanes use
    their fields to fight Irak. In the war on terrorism too, I think.



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