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Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 10:25:48 GMT

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    From: Keith Henson <>
    > But shouldn't this have turned potential recruits against them? Why do
    > people bond to their tormentors while others are alienated? At some
    > individuals who bond with their captors are making a choice.
    > Definitely. The historical choice (and what the mechanism is keyed on) is
    > the choice of living or dying. Put "stockholm syndrome" in Google and
    > half a dozen of the hits.
    > We are free,
    > and no one controls our minds. If we do as we are told, it's because
    > acquiesced to our enslavement. It takes two to tango. It's not as if
    > there's an evil cult gobbling up innocent victims.

    Hi Keith,

    Trying to get some positive work done here,

    I agree with the facts, but I just want to mention that in extreme cases,
    ones who choose to be bonded with their kidnapper_ the ones who choose
    in a way life, were killed. Because in the eyes of the kidnapper those were
    only frighten sheep doing everything to stay alive. They had in his mind, no
    backbone to face up to the hazzards of life, they had no individualismus

    I am trying to come up with some references.... or was it a movie !?



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