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Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 10:01:28 GMT

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    From: Wade T. Smith <>

    > Hi Francesca S. Alcorn -
    > >This makes a lot of sense to me,
    > >because I think as a species, we are wired *not* to attack people
    > >that we have a relationship with. But then murders are usually
    > >committed by people who know the victims, so it's not that easy.
    > I see you quickly questioned yourself.... (Bad habit I fall into, way too
    > often....)
    > Yes, in fact, murders are usually committed among acquaintances. It would
    > seem we are hardwired to injure the ones we love, otherwise, what _are_
    > all those country music songs singing about?

    Hi Frankie, Wade,

    In trying to catch up I came across this,

    Just wanna you both to know that we humans murder among acquaintances,
    is not because we love them, but because they are in our visible/ direct
    Murdering a complete stranger is not a ' normal' behavior so to speak.
    That is one reason why policeforces has troubles finding serial- murderers.
    Making up profils is in fact making the surroundings of the killer visible
    more direct. Limiting the surroundings wherein he/ she operates_ finding,
    in a way ' his family '.



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