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Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 20:44:03 GMT

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    From: Grant Callaghan <>

    > I like this viewpoint, Steve, and agree completely. The evidence for it
    > lies in how what we believe influences what we see and what we call things
    > influences how we remember them and react to the emotionally. In other
    > words, our memes do influence our perceptions and as we adopt new ones,
    > perceptions change.

    Hi Grant,

    Not sure if that is totally correct, though !
    It is my understanding, following Kant on this, that our knowledge about
    certain things is coupled with a certain adaptation of the recieved info.
    That is, the information stored in the memes, which than influence your
    perceptions, is NOT what is really seen, heard, smelled or being touched.
    The ' dinge- an- sich ', as Kant called those, can 't be known.
    You can look at a car, and see its shape, colour and test its perfomance,
    but you can only imagine how a bee would "experience " seeing a car.
    That can 't be known to us, the full picture of what is outside can 't be

    Hypothetical, what you think is your perception, can just be a by memes
    influenced map of things, not real thus !!



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