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    >So as i see it, we have an internal memeplex of behaviours that act as a
    >filter, with those memes that are closest to to your memeplex having a good
    >chance of being adopted without too much thought, which i term no choice,as
    >for me choice is an act rather than just acceptance. When we come to
    >choice, there must be some level of reflection or reasoning, even if the
    >logic behind it is immaterial (eg choosing between two cars because one of
    >them is green and the other isnít, instead of on the basis of their running
    >costs). Finally, you have choice based upon considered reflection. (Using
    >the last example, choosing on the basis of running costs because you are
    >short of cash).
    >Any thoughts on this?
    On a subject like choosing the color of a car, we work with a set of beliefs
    that go something like this: Red cars look racy. Men who drive red cars
    seem sporty. Girls like sporty guys. Or from another perspective: I work
    in a bank. Bankers are supposed to look conservative. Gray is a
    conservative color. My clients might think I'm less trustworthy if I buy a
    red car.

    When I was selling real estate, I always chose a large comfortable car that
    made me look successful and made the client feel comfortable. Now that I'm
    retired, I drive a small car that gets good gas milage and doesn't have
    mechanical problems. Age and occupation seem to be the leading determinants
    of the cars I buy. Nobody in my immediate neighborhood buys cars with
    flashy colors. I guess my choices help me to fit in.


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