RE: ply to Grant: corporate behavior

From: Lawrence DeBivort (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 14:07:40 GMT

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    > >That's my rant for the day. Again, I'm sorry I took your statement as a
    > >political position rather than a broader viewpoint. It's probably an
    > >outgrowth of my arguements with the anti-globalism crowd who keep using
    > >Marxist arguements to support their positions. They're still
    > fighting the
    > >management-labor wars in a world where labor is rapidly becoming
    > management
    > >through stock options and retirement plans based on stock ownership.

    And even management is no longer 'management': we see, at least in US
    corporations more and more of a tendency for managers and executives to see
    the company as a thing they can loot, through huge 'compensation' packages,
    financial dealings, M&As, golden parachutes, etc. Enron is only the latest
    company to break into the news on this, but there are I would estimate tens
    of thousands of companies, including small ones, where this is the
    prevailing attitude and practice. How has this come about? Business schools,
    a me-first cultural attitude, venal collusion between executives and Boards,
    lax law enforcement built on a general contempt for governmental

    I share your concern -- and anger -- Grant. Maybe we need a memetic analysis
    of how this has emerged.

    And perhaps our non-US colleagues can comment on whether this seems to be a
    US phenomenon only?


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