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Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 12:35:51 GMT

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    >Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 19:13:49 -0800
    From: "Grant Callaghan" <>
    Subject: Re: Apoptosis

    >I dont think it is memes that have a point of view. I think that the
    >combination of memes each of us has influences the way we see the world
    >certain extent, and that as the memes we have change over time, so too
    >the way we look atthe world
    >I like this viewpoint, Steve, and agree completely.  The evidence for it
    lies in how what we believe influences what we see and what we call
    influences how we remember them and react to the emotionally.  In other
    words, our memes do influence our perceptions and as we adopt new ones,
    perceptions change.

    Isn't that what science is all about?  We once saw the world as a flat
    where the sun was driven like a chariot across the sky.  Then, when the
    for a round earth took over, we perceived the sun going around the
    It took another revelation and a battle of memes before we learned to
    that the earth revolved around the sun.  What we see when we look up in
    sky every day hasn't changed.  New memes and new information has changed
    we process what we see.  How we work it into our map of the universe.
    whole map is composed of memes.

    Now our map is changing on a daily basis and so do our perceptions.
    seen posts that imply people believe we may live in a world like the one
    depicted in The Matrix.  Other people are saying we are on the verge of
    living hundres or thousands of years.  The planets that once represented
    gods in the sky are now seen as new worlds to conquer and live on.  And
    spread of those memes that change our perceptions fly around the world
    the speed of light.  So it's not just a tribe here and another there
    has its perceptions changed by new ideas and new visions of reality, but
    entire population of the earth, often in a single day -- as on the day
    men walked upon the moon.  The memes were there first, but television
    it real and immediate.

    Watching it happen wiped out most of the competing ideas about the moon
    similtaneously all over the world.  Of course, there is still a lunatic
    fringe who believe it never happened, but for the most part, people now
    really believe we can walk on any planet in our solar system.  That
    them see the planets in a new light, and that light comes from within



    It is also part of why i suspect we have less actual choice in some of the
    memes we adopt, as they tend to be ones that complement those that we
    already carry in most instances.

    I think that science in some respects is a special case. I say this because
    to my way of thinking, science is the only world view that adapts as our
    discoveries about the world increase - as each more accurate or usefull
    depiction emerges. Other views are not concerned with acurate
    representations of the world. eg. religion. another would be fashion, which
    is solely concerned with change, but does influence many peoples views.

    I read somewhere that the flat earth was one of those urban myths. Ptolemy
    and other thinkers of the time were aware the earth was round. Some Greek
    did an experiment using equal length sticks, and measured the shadow of each
    at the same time of day, on the same day, but at different lattitudes and
    got the result that shadows nearer the equator were shorter. As you would in
    a world that was round. Wasn’t the flat earth a metaphor for the Churches
    supresion of knowledge during the dark ages?



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