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    I've no clue what Hitler's views were. I've managed to avoid any serious
    study of whatever made him tick. I guess my interests in German science
    philosophy would give me some background for his pathological twisting
    things. Every time I see _Mein Kampf_ in the bookstore I shudder at even
    touching it, not to mention what people might think if they saw me
    reading it.<

    I havnít studied Hitler as such except what i have picked up along the way,
    which isn't much. Those who do (if they do it for the right reasons) should
    be applauded. The only way to prevent a reccurence is by understanding and
    prevention. I have read the first couple of chapters of Mien Kampf and you
    surely have not missed anything. It is turgid, monotonous and forgettable.
    This is why it need to be explored. A dull book and a guy who would
    (should?) have been at home as a clown in the circus caused or assisted the
    creation of such a thing as Nazi Germany need exploring.

    Lest we forget?



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