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    ><Do hindus, Monotheists and animists? atheism falls under the definiotion
    >religion as it cannot to my mind be irrefutably proven, and therefore
    >requires an element of belief.>
    >Nothing can be irrefutably proven. All knowledge is contingent,
    >but_all_religions claim to have, divinely revealed, absolute knowledge.
    >atheism is, therefore, is the rejection of religions' claims to absolute
    >knowledge. After all the fact tht some religions have one god, some many,
    >some no 'gods' at all, is actually irrelevant, what matters is that they
    >make claims of absolute knowledge and require followers to believe based on
    >faith not evidence.
    >Speaking personally, the balance of evidence against any particular
    >being true is massively weighted against. Taking Christianity for
    >you have contradictory doctrines, historically problematic content of
    >religious texts, implausible (or explainable) 'miracles' in the core texts
    >(and lots of faked ones subsequently), evidence of contradictions of
    >practice by believers, evidence of wider behaviour apparently entirely
    >contradictory to supposed following of the faith etc. etc.
    >To quote myself (from this list many times before) rain dances don't make
    From reading the first parts of Daniel Gasman's _Scientific Origins of
    National Socialism_ I'm wondering how devoutly atheist Ernst Haeckel was. He
    seems to have been rabidly anti-Christian, but if truly atheistic one has to
    account for his views on pantheistic nature worship and panpsychism.

    There's an undercurrent of Aryan proto-Nazi pagan/occultist sun-worship and
    Nordic mythos I'm trying to come to grips with, especially if it relates to
    Haeckel's Monist League (Monistenbund?). Gasman's book reminds me of some
    issues I pondered while reading Richard Noll's _The Jung Cult_.

    I've no clue what Hitler's views were. I've managed to avoid any serious
    study of whatever made him tick. I guess my interests in German science and
    philosophy would give me some background for his pathological twisting of
    things. Every time I see _Mein Kampf_ in the bookstore I shudder at even
    touching it, not to mention what people might think if they saw me reading

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