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Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 15:12:23 GMT

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Wade wrote
    > >>Hi Ray Recchia
    > >>
    > >>That's also known as ostrichism.
    > >I think you are spelling it wrong. The term is "ostracism."

    Then you wrote
    > Hi Ray
    > Wade was referring to the ostrich's habit of putting its head in the
    > sand when confronted by danger.

    I guess sarcasm doesn't translate well across the Pacific. I had
    originally put (I know) after that first sentence.

    > I agree with you though that some of our generalisations, especially
    > mine,
    > may "bite us on the ass" one day. E-mails are monitored by insecurity
    > agencies in these troubled times and, after some of my statements I
    > don't
    > think that I will bother with any job applications to USAnian
    > universities.
    > As Chomsky would say, in a climate of self-censoring democracy has
    > ceased
    > to exist.
    > Jeremy
    There are a lot of people with views similar to yours in the universities
    over here. As long as you don't voice any of those desires to start a
    terrorist campaign I doubt it will matter. A friend of mine who is a
    professor at local university emailed a long letter berating President
    Clinton for his marital infidelity and lack of moral standards and
    nothing came of it.

    I don't have a problem with people voicing their political or religious
    views. I do have a problem with using memetics to justify them. It
    unnecessarily politicizes the field when there are many areas than
    memetics can be used to explore that won't have that consequence. That
    is why you won't see me join in debates about Christianity, Scientology,
    or Osama bin Laden here.

    Ray Recchia

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