Words and memes

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    Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 19:36:21 +1100
    From: Jeremy Bradley <jeremyb@nor.com.au>
    Subject: Words and memes

    At 09:58 PM 5/02/02 +0000, you wrote:
    >Well Joe
    >There are many definitions of 'culture'. Mine is, any group of entities
    >(chess players or football fans - go Patriots -=A0 for example) who
    >common aims ideals activities. In my memetic ontology memes are simply
    >coded information which enables the culture to continue.
    >I'm not sure this is true. I know what football is, what it ntails etc.
    >would be quite happy for  there NEVER to be match on tv. So i don't
    >the goals but reject them.<

    This has got to be one of the worst unintentional puns ever. Sorry.

    >OK Steve
    What this means to me is that you are a participant in a culture that
    embraces football, but (like me) you are not a member of a football

    Near enough. it is actually a major minority who have sufient spending power
    to perpetuate the meme *football is good*, rather than me being in a culture
    that embraces football. The major culture if there is such a thing in the UK
    is soap TV. Your original definition was just a bit too chirpy for me that
    was all!



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