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Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 16:27:14 GMT

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    >On 02/07/02 08:44, Vincent Campbell said this-
    > >Cinema today is primarily a medium used for fiction, but
    > >nothing in the technology itself requires film to be used for fiction.
    >I would have said that cinema, as a medium, with it's need to montage,
    >and the frame of its POV, and its temporal distance from the recorded
    >event, is practically _limited_ to fiction. It was TV, with its real-time
    >24/7 ability to distribute, that approaches non-fiction in its essence.
    >But, that's media study and cinema crit stuff....
    Actually one could hypothetically go to the movie theatre to watch a
    documentary or a movie based on real life events which follows history
    rather accurately (does "Blackhawk Down" fit this bill?). Cinematic
    depiction is only going to aproach historical depiction in a very limited
    way, given POV, montage, bias of the various people involved in the project

    I had recently seen the DVD movie _Lawrence of Arabia_ (no, it wasn't about
    deBivort ;-)). How closely did this movie follow true history? What about
    Lawrence's _Seven Pillars of Wisdom_ book itself?

    For the most part who would want to drive all the way to the nearest cinema
    plex to watch a documentary when they can stay home and watch documentaries
    on cable channels? They'd rather drive and pay the big bucks to watch
    Terminator 3.

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