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Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 05:03:21 GMT

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    > >Of course, much of human development is considered to be things we've had
    > >to do because we _don't_ rely upon instinct....
    > Or because our instinct is generic, rather than specific, like our
    ability to master one or more languages in general, without there being a
    specific one that our instinct entails that we be imprinted with.

    That property smells after intelligence rather than instinct I'd say.
    I consider instinct to be synonymous to animal-like or preprogrammed
    behavior, such as termites making mounds, spiders making webs, etc.
    Humans distinct themselves from animals by having intelligence and
    consciousness. These faculties gave humans the edge to dominate the world.
    The species endowed with both faculties were rendered so powerful that
    nature left only one niche for it to occupy. Rivalling species, such as
    neanderthal, were driven
    into extinction as a consequence.

    The owner of intelligence is put into a position to reason
    why things are the way they are. In between intelligence and instinct lies
    A vague underdeveloped form of intelligence leading to incomplete and
    consciousness. When you only have a hunch, a clue, or a feeling that
    something may be the way it smells you, by definition, are unable to specify
    the reason why. As such it is inferior to intelligence which do put you on
    stirdier soil.
    As such, the slogan `female intuition', one which some women are proud to
    propagandize, triggers a mere laughing response in me...


    ps. No offense to the females on the list of course as I do hold them
    in high esteem...

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