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Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 12:47:37 GMT

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    Hi Joe Dees -

    Sometimes, truthfully, you bring tears to my eyes.

    - Wade

    >Here you are, quite simply, wrong. Whatever reality is, it must include
    >our primordial and apodictic experience. Our augmented perceptions have
    >informed us concerning the structure of these material objects, and the
    >fact that they are composed of molecules, which are themselves composed of
    >atoms, that are composed on one level of protons, neutrons and electrons,
    >and on a deeper level of quarks, leptons and gluons, with much empty space
    >between, but that is not to deny the reality we existentially and
    >phenomenologically experience, but to further define it. Our experiences
    >are subjective, but our common experiences are intersubjective, and
    >massive intersubjective agreement, such as occurs in the sciences,
    >apodictically approaches objectivity, and its objects are not only real,
    >but experimentally possess certain real attributes. What we may discover
    >in the future concerning the constitution of physical objects will not
    >overthrow atomic and nuclear views, but extend, deepen and elaborate upon
    >them. Since much of our technology is designed and built upon the
    >exploitation of these structural underpinnings and their various
    >properties, if they were fallacious, we could not be doing with them what
    >we are doing here/now, i.e. communication with each other by virtue of them.

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