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Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 00:06:54 GMT

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    Hi Joe Dees -

    >Plenty of significant behavior (including both performative and
    >communicative) can only be engaged in after reading communicative
    >artifacts such as (text)books.

    Transposing terms (although your point is basically complete, and such
    transposition is fairly unrequired to be valid in the behavior-only
    stance, with the exception of the useless adjectives 'performative' and
    'communicative', which the stance ignores as unnecessary adjectival

    "Plenty of memes can only be performed after reading communicative
    artifacts such as (text)books."

    Likewise, of course, plenty of memes can only be performed after the
    observation of one.

    That the memetic process requires perception is hardly arguable. That it
    can involve the perceptions of meaningful artefacts is also irrefutable.

    I would only add that behavior itself is the last requirement.

    - Wade

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